Brake's support literature standards

Brake has been producing support literature for people bereaved and injured in road crashes and their carers for many years to great acclaim. To deliver high quality, accessible services that are relevant, appropriate and useful for bereaved and injured crash victims, Brake adheres to the below standards.

Brake support literature:

  1. is written in plain, simple, concise English, so it is as easy to understand as possible.
  2. is objective; Brake does not express subjective opinion through its support literature
  3. provides information and advice, so that service users can make informed choices, rather than instructing and leading service users towards a particular course of action.
  4. is checked and updated regularly, in consultation with relevant experts, so the content is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, within the constraints of our funding.
  5. covers a comprehensive range of topics that are relevant to the type of service user at which it is aimed, while also being as concise as possible.
  6. is distributed as widely as possible to the type of service user it is aimed at, within the constraints of our funding, and made as accessible as possible to those who would benefit from it, including being available on our website.
  7. is available in alternative formats as much as possible, within the constraints of our funding. Some literature is available in different languages although this is subject to funding availability.
  8. is presented in a professional, high-quality manner, which acknowledges the way the literature is used, to support accessibility and ease of use, including quality design and materials, and use of correct language.

To ensure these service standards are met, Brake maintains internal protocols relating to the above aspects of service delivery, trains staff in these protocols, and monitors output to ensure these standards are complied with. Brake also works to maintain appropriate funding levels and pursues funding as far in advance as possible to enable delivery against these standards, although sometimes we are constrained by a lack, restriction or withdrawal of funds, or uncertainty about future funding.

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