Sports day

fundraise sportsWe all know that kiwis are sports mad and often a little on the competitive side, so why not do it for a great cause?

Challenge your work colleagues, mates, or school friends to a "friendly" match of your favourite game in aid of Brake. It doesn't matter whether it's a serious game of rugby at your local club grounds or a human wheelbarrow race across the park followed by an egg and spoon race back again, it's going to be fun if your mates are involved! Here's how!

1. Decide on the date and venue. Make sure it's far enough ahead so everyone can take part!

2. Sign up sporting participants with a gold coin entry fee in aid of Brake.

3. Invite participants to wear crazily bright colours, to raise awareness of the vulnerability of people on foot and bicycles. It also makes a great picture for your newsletter or your local media!

4. Invite the media along and tell them why you are doing it. Make your own banner for a photo call carrying the message "Keep speed in sport and off our roads!" Take your own pictures and send them to your local paper if they don't send a photographer along.

5. Got a local sports celebrity? Invite them along to kick off the event for you, or ask them to donate some sporting memorabilia, such as a signed football, that you then auction in aid of Brake. Another great reason for the media to turn up!

6. On the big day, charge a gold coin entry fee so friends and family can watch! You could also invite a local cafe to supply soft drinks, sold in aid of Brake. Got a popcorn machine? Make popcorn and sell it in aid of Brake too!

Want to do it? Contact Caroline on +64 (0)21 407 953 or complete our quick fundraising form to find out more. Or if you know how to coordinate your event, just donate the funds you raise. Find out how to send Brake your donation.

Not for you? Return to the fundraising homepage.

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