Party for Brake!

Fundraise partyGet together and organise an event to help raise money for Brake! Your event could be for just family and friends, for your workplace, or for the whole community. It can be as small or as big as you like, the important thing is to do something, raise funds and have fun!

Read on for some great party and occasion ideas. You can also go to our event organisation tips to help your event run smoothly!

60s and 70s/ABBA Night
Design cool invites, charge an entry fee in aid of Brake, dress up in retro gear, put the sing-a-long DVD on and have a fun night!

BBQ/garden party
In your garden or at the local hotel/bar (owners make a profit from the bar so often agree to this sort of event). Hire a bouncy castle for kids and charge to go on it. Run a raffle or hold a "promises" auction, auctioning services of local people, such as "two hours of lawn mowing", or an "hour of ironing"!

Fairground fun
How about organising some simple, yet fun games? Get some ideas here.

Donate a drink
If you meet up with friends in a cafe or a bar, raise funds on an on-going basis. Put an empty cup/glass in the middle of the table; every one puts a gold coin in it. This can also act as a memorial to someone you knew who was killed in a crash. If doing this in a pub, it acts as a reminder to never drink drive.

Karaoke night
Hold it in your home or a local bar - always a winner! Everyone who sings makes a donation to Brake!

Kids' clothes swap party
Bring along your old baby, toddler and kids' clothes, and pay $1 for every item you take away with you, while having a good catch up and some light refreshments!

Music evening
Is there a local choir, band, amateur operatic society or dance group in your area that could put on a concert in aid of Brake? I bet there is!

Pancake party
Easy and cheap to organise, fun to do: everyone comes round your place, brings a topping and pays a gold coin for a pancake! See who can eat and donate the most!

Quiz night
Throw in a few road safety questions, such as stopping distances and charge an entry fee!

Talent night
Every community has talent! But who is the best? Have a great night listening to your own home-grown groups, and charge an entry fee in aid of Brake.

Black and white ball
Black and white makes a cool zebra crossing, and looks good on you too! Dress up in your posh frocks and tux to raise money for Brake into the bargain by including a promises auction or raffle.

Want to do it? Fill in our quick fundraising form to tell us what you're planning, or contact Caroline on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +64 (0)21 407 953. If you know how to coordinate your event, just donate the funds you raise. Find out how to send your donation to Brake.

Not for you? Return to the fundraising page, and find something that is!

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