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Road Safety Week is an ideal opportunity to promote life-saving messages and show your commitment to road safety to employees and their families, customers, suppliers and your community. Many organisations use the Week to link existing activities to a national event, or as a springboard to launch year-round road safety programmes. Register to take part now!

Here are some ideas for activities in Road Safety Week to get you started:

Activities related to the theme

  • Design an internal comms or social media campaign around speed. 
  • Hold a children's colouring competition for children to create road safety messages related to speed.
  • Take part in Brake's Virtual Run and use speed as a way to be healthy and get some exercise.

General activity suggestions

  • RSW15 ChristchurchRun education/training to promote safe driving to employees/company drivers.
  • Promote road safety and Road Safety Week to your partners/suppliers/customers/business contacts through e-bulletins/messages on documents/your email signature.
  • Promote road safety and Road Safety Week to staff by including information/road safety advice in your staff newsletter/magazine/intranet.
  • Promote road safety and Road Safety Week on your website (and/or on Facebook and Twitter), with a link to this website.
  • Put up a road safety display in your company/organisation's foyer using free posters from Brake. Register today to receive those resources.
  • Hold a road safety day at your offices with free basic safety checks on employees' personal vehicles by a local mechanic and information on road safety topics like vehicle maintenance and child restraints. You can find our advice on various topics here.
  • Promote road safety and Road Safety Week to the wider community by engaging local media.
  • Work with local schools/colleges/youth clubs on a road safety initiative.
  • Set up a road safety display/stand/roadshow in your community, for example in a shopping centre.
  • Run a campaign about dangerous roads or dangerous road use in your community (which may involve local officials and politicians).
  • Launch a new road safety initiative in your company/organisation.
  • Fundraise by running a Bright Day for Brake (when everyone turns up wearing something bright in return for a donation!).
  • Take part in Brake's Virtual Run, get a team together and raise funds.
  • Fundraise for Brake in another way. Click here for ideas.
  • If you manage at-work drivers, sign up to Brake Professional for more resources and ideas for getting them involved in road safety.

Don't forget to register and tell us what you're planning so we can feature your activities on this site.

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