Average speed cameras a much needed measure says charity

Road safety charity Brake is welcoming the announcement from Government today that average speed cameras and speed camera warning signs will be trialed in Auckland.

Average speed cameras (also known as point-to-point cameras) have been used effectively overseas in countries such as Australia and the UK. Research has shown their effectiveness at helping to reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes.

Caroline Perry, Brake's NZ director said: "We're pleased to see these trials going ahead and fully support them. If you're involved in a crash, the speed you're travelling at can mean the difference between a minor incident and serious injury or death. Average speed cameras are effective at reducing speeds, and more importantly, reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on roads where they are installed. Speeding drivers needlessly put themselves and others at risk. We need measures like these cameras to help ensure people are travelling at safe speeds, and to enforce the law for those who put lives at risk."

Examples of research into average speed cameras:

  • A study by the RAC Foundation found fatal and serious injury crashes reduced by 25-46% and other injury crashes reduced by 9-22% on the routes studied. [1]
  • A report by the ITF found average speed cameras helped to reduce average speeds and the number of crashes on routes where they were installed. [2]

[1] The effectiveness of average speed cameras in Great Britain, RAC Foundation, 2016

[2] Speed and crash risk, International Transport Forum, 2018

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