Charity urges drivers to look out for people on foot and bicycle

Road safety charity Brake is appealing to drivers to look twice for people on foot, bicycle and motorcycle after a number of crashes involving vehicles and pedestrians.

People on foot and bicycle are vulnerable road users and are particularly difficult to see in winter weather conditions and reduced daylight at this time of year. Those riding motorbikes are also harder to spot. Heavy rain over the past few days has left all types of road users also trying to avoid localised flooding and heavy showers.

Four incidents involving people out on foot in the last few days in the Auckland region has resulted in two deaths and two people suffering injuries.

Brake is also calling on both drivers, riders and those out on foot and bicycle to give roads their full attention.

Caroline Perry, Brake's New Zealand director said: "We're extremely saddened to hear of a number of road crashes involving people out and about on foot in the last few days. Pedestrians and cyclists are some of our more vulnerable road users, and when we're behind the wheel we need to remember to look for people on foot and bicycle, particularly at this time of year when they can be harder to spot due to weather conditions and reduced visibility. People on foot and bike should also remember to give roads their full attention, but in the end they are the ones who come off worse in the event of a crash, whilst drivers are offered some protection from their vehicle, so drivers have a responsibility to look out for them and do everything they can to avoid tragedy. Road crashes are devastating to families and communities and we call on all road users to remember to give the road the attention it needs, even when you also have to pay attention to weather conditions."

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