Look out for your mates at the Nines urges charity

Road safety charity Brake is urging people attending the NRL Nines this weekend to ensure everyone in their group gets to and from the event safely by planning their travel, and if driving, making sure the designated driver stays sober.

Special event buses will be running between Auckland CBD and Eden Park, and Brake urges people to take advantage of public transport as far as possible.

Brake is calling on those driving to the Nines to pledge not to drink alcohol and drive, and on friends and family to speak out on the issue and make sure that designated drivers stay sober to ensure everyone gets home safely after the event.

Caroline Perry, Brake's New Zealand Director says: Events like this are about people having fun and enjoying watching the sport, so we want to make sure everyone also gets to and from it safely. The best way to be safe is to plan ahead and agree how you and your family and friends will get home safely. Designated drivers might be tempted to have a drink; we urge them to remember their responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe on the roads and pledge not to drink any amount of alcohol if driving.

Brake&'s key messages on drink driving:

  • Never drink any amount of alcohol if you're driving
  • Never drink if you&'re driving early the next morning
  • Plan ahead and make sure you can get home safely by using public transport, booking a taxi, or having a sober driver who sticks to soft drinks. Don't accept a lift from someone who's been drinking.
  • Take responsibility for others: never buy a drink for someone who is driving, speak out to friends who plan to drink and drive, and if you're hosting a party help your guests to plan a safe way home before the party starts.

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