Support for victims and carers

Brake believes that people bereaved and injured in road crashes have the right to the best possible support to aid their recovery and enable them, in time, to lead a full and rewarding life again. But often road crash victims are the forgotten victims, left to deal with their terrible trauma without this help.

Brake aims to help you if you are bereaved or injured in a road crash.

We also provide information and advice to people who care for road crash victims. This includes other family members, teachers, police, counsellors, and other support workers.

Use the links below to access our information and guidance.

Help for victims 

Help for carers and professionals

(Please note that Brake is a new organisation in New Zealand, and therefore our services for New Zealand residents are limited at present due to lack of funding. If you would like to help us by fundraising for the development of our support work in New Zealand, click here.)




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