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BGW logo webA Giant Walk provides some great opportunities for achieving cross-curricula goals on a life-saving topic, whilst also having fun and raising awareness of key road safety issues in your community.

Aside from designing road safety placards for your walk, there are a range of other activities you can do pre and post-walk to engage your students in learning. Read through the suggestions below, and for more ideas, visit our Teacher Zone.

  • Survey the speed of local drivers. You could ask police if they can do this with you, or lend you the equipment to do it. You could also do a seat belt survey, looking at how many drivers and passengers are wearing their seat belts.
  • Organise a survey of what modes of transport your students use. Use our hands-up survey for 5-11 year olds to help you find out what transport they use and whether they are scared of fast traffic. The survey also gives you some ideas for classroom discussions around road safety and transport to school.
  • Students could work in groups to do research and write their own press releases for the local media and leaflets for parents and local drivers about their findings.
  • Put on a play or assembly about the dangers of speed, written by the students, for the parents.
  • Hold a group discussion on road safety and the use of cars.
  • Study the pollution caused by vehicles.
  • Hold an assembly with guest speakers explaining why road safety and over-use of cars is important and why you are going to walk, and what other learning activities you will do before and after your walk.

Use the resources below to help plan your activities and walk

School policy
If you don't have one already, write and implement a road safety policy. You can also find out more information on keeping kids safe on trips away from your premises:
Organising trips with kids on foot
Organising trips with kids in vehicles (pdf)

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