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School campaignsBrake works with communities, government and organisations to bring about changes to save lives. Use the below links to find out more about our campaigns for road safety.

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Freedom to Move
Foot paths, cycle paths, buses and trains mean we can get around our communities and our country in ways that are safe, healthy and sustainable. Join our campaign for better infrastructure for people.

GO 30
Communities need 30km/h limits to protect people on foot and bicycles, and we need to crackdown on speeding drivers who ignore limits.

Rural roads not race tracks
Many NZ road deaths are on rural roads. Our campaign calls for these tragedies to be tackled now.

Sober Up New Zealand
Drink and drug drivers are killers that must be stopped through urgent action. Be a legend and join our campaign.

Parent Power
Parents, grandparents, and all other adults have the power to protect children from death and injury on roads, through simple steps even a child could follow.

Young people for road safety
This campaign is by young people and for young people. It's your chance to stand up for the planet and choose walking, cycling and public transport. It's your chance to speak out for safe choices and stop other young people driving too fast, drunk or drugged, or without seat belts.

Distracted drivers
Driving is the most dangerous thing most people do, so being distracted is not an option. We need to switch off our phones and concentrate on the task in hand.

Fit to drive
Having our wits about us when driving is essential; our campaign combats drivers who are tired, can't see, or have other impairments that endanger road users.

Safer fleets
The bigger the vehicle, the more damage it can cause. Brake is working alongside employers to campaign for safe trucks and improved safety of all vehicles being operated for business reasons.

Forgotten Victims
People bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes are the forgotten victims, facing the biggest challenge of their lives. They have a right to support and recovery.

Visiting drivers
Sometimes a holiday of a lifetime ends in tragedy. Visiting drivers cause deaths and maim on our roads, often due to basic lack of experience of our road laws, or trying to travel too far, too quickly and too tired.

Brake campaigns to stop the carnage and for comprehensive support for road crash victims to enable their recovery. Our campaigns are based on international research findings and best practice.

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