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School campaignsBrake is a charity working with communities and organisations across New Zealand to stop the tragedy of road deaths and injuries, and help people bereaved and seriously injured on roads. (We also work in the UK and run some global projects.) 

Use this page to find out about our vision and purpose, our work in New Zealand fighting road crashes and supporting victims, and how to support us. 

Our vision and purpose

Brake's vision is a world that has zero road deaths and injuries, and people can get around in ways that are safe, sustainable, healthy and fair. We are a humanitarian charity, working with urgency and in partnership with others to implement evidence-led solutions to a crisis that affects us all and our planet. Read more about our vision, mission, values and aims.

How we fight road crashes and support road crash victims in NZ

New Zealand has a driving culture and poor record of road casualties compared with some other developed nations. For many Kiwis, there are limited sustainable or active transport choices. Brake provides information and advice, through resources, events, training and the media, to help Kiwis be more safe, sustainable and active road users and to enable us all to campaign for change. We also provide help for New Zealanders who are bereaved and seriously injured on roads.

An important part of our work is inspiring and engaging more people. We prioritise working with those who can make the most difference, including communities, parents, schools and kindys, employers operating fleets, victim support professionals, and government officials.

Here are some examples of what we do. We:
-coordinate national Road Safety Week in NZ involving schools, employers and safety professionals,
-organise a Giant Walk event for schools to celebrate walking and call for slower drivers,
-run training events and produce reports for fleet managers on managing their road risk,
-promote our Brake Pledge, helping everyone to use roads safely and sustainably,
-produce support literature for bereaved families about how to cope with such a sudden, violent death, and training events for victim support professionals,
-respond to government consultations about road safety, sustainable travel and victim support,
-make sure our voice is heard in the media.

Our funding and how to support us

Brake is funded entirely by donations from, and fundraising by, individuals, groups, schools and companies, and through grants. Find out about our supporters, and how to support us, below. We need your support urgently to grow in New Zealand.

Corporate partnerships
Companies and organisations that put road safety at the top of their CSR activities, and how you can too.

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