Bright Day press release for organisations

Download, amend and send this press release off to your local media. You can adapt it to send out before your event and invite local media to attend, or issue afterwards and include photos from your Bright Day.

Download this press release as a Word doc.

PRESS RELEASE: for immediate release
From: [name of your organisation] and Brake, the road safety charity
Tel: xxx             E-mail: xxx

XXXX [organisation] runs a Bright Day for Brake

On XXX [date], XXX [organisation] ran a Bright Day and raised funds for Brake, the road safety charity. Staff turned up to work wearing crazily bright clothes and donated $XXX to Brake, helping Brake to raise awareness about protecting vulnerable road users and support people bereaved in road crashes.

The Bright Day for Brake project educates children and raises awareness about the need to wear bright clothing when out on foot or bicycle, particularly on dark, winter evenings. It also reminds drivers to slow down and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly around schools, homes and shops.

Caroline Perry, Brake's NZ director says: A Bright Day for Brake is a great way to support Brake and educate everyone about the dangers on roads, what we can do to protect people on foot and bikes, and raise awareness of Brake's work supporting families bereaved in road crashes. We are very grateful to XXX for their support.

XXX [name], XXX [position] from XXX [organisation] says: We were delighted to run a Bright Day for Brake to support a worthwhile charity. We saw it as a great opportunity to help spread crucial road safety messages, and help to play a part in reducing the number of crashes on our roads."

Tips for drivers:
1. Drivers must slow down. Even if it's night, presume pedestrians and cyclists are there and you can't see them.
2. Pedestrians and cyclists should wear something bright, day and night, the bigger the better. A hi-vis vest can easily be bought in shops and over the internet.

Schools and organisations can run a Bright Day at any time of year. For more information and to receive a free resource pack, visit or contact Brake at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Brake is a national road safety charity that exists to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries that happen on roads every day, make streets and communities safer for everyone, and care for families bereaved and injured in road crashes. Brake promotes road safety awareness, safe and sustainable road use, and effective road safety policies. We do this through community education, services for fleet and road safety professionals, and by coordinating national Road Safety Week. Brake also provides support resources to families bereaved in road crashes.

Road crashes are not accidents; they are devastating and preventable events, not chance mishaps. Calling them accidents undermines work to make roads safer, and can cause insult to families whose lives have been torn apart by needless casualties.

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